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Welcome to the SaveOn Ad Specs Page!

On this page, you will find sizes for all our regular SaveOn and partner magazine and insert products. You will also find downloadable PDFs containing the full specs for each ad size to help you set up properly to build for them. Blank templates for the most popular Adobe applications (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator) are also available for download. The information in our Technical Requirements and Guidelines PDF will help you set up properly for a printer-compliant build, and minimize the amount of adjustment necessary during prepress.

Technical Requirements and Guidelines

Technical Requirements (must be met)

  1. All color must be CMYK Process Color. No RGB or Spot Colors.
  2. Total Area Coverage (ink density) must be 280% or less.
  3. All images must be hi-resolution, print quality. Print resolution is 300 dpi.
  4. All text, including disclaimers, must be at least 6pt (this is the standard the BBB supports).

Download the Technical Requirements and Guidelines PDF for a more complete list of guidelines and recommendations.

Acceptable File Formats

Unless prior arrangements are made, we do not make material alterations to art without contacting the customer or their agency. However, in order to prepare art for print, it may be necessary to make technical corrections. These may include, but are not limited to, converting Spot or RGB Color to CMYK Process Color, adjusting ink density, partially or fully flattening (rasterizing) art, outlining fonts, and adding a missing bleed (if possible).

  1. PDF: If you are submitting a PDF, we ask that you supply it in the PDF/X-4 type. This format typically allows us to make many more required technical adjustments than other PDF types.
  2. InDesign Package: If you are working in InDesign, supplying us with a full InDesign package gives us the greatest latitude in making any corrections and adjustments to the art that might be needed to ready it for print. If you do submit an InDesign package, please make sure it is complete, with both the "Links" and "Document fonts" folders, and an IDML file.
  3. PSD (Photoshop): If you are working in Photoshop, submitting a layered (not flattened) PSD file rather than a PDF can give us many more options should it become necessary to make adjustments.
  4. TIFF: This format, provided the file is layered, allows similar opportunities for correction and adjustment as a PSD file. If you are working in a raster graphics editor other than Photoshop, this would be an excellent format.
  5. AI (Illustrator): If you are working in Illustrator, you can submit an AI file. You will want to make sure all of the images are embedded, and all fonts are outlined.
  6. EPS: If you are working in a vector graphics editor, other than Illustrator, you will likely output as an EPS. This provides similar opportunities for correction and adjustment as an AI file. Like Illustrator, you will want to make sure all of the images are embedded, and all fonts are outlined.

All other file formats must be approved by the Art Department prior to delivery, or they may be rejected.

Common Formats to Avoid

  1. JPEG: While this is a very popular format, due mostly to its ability to create small files, it has features which render it a poor choice for submitting finished art. If you are using a raster editor, such as Photoshop, a PSD, TIFF or PDF would be a better choice.
  2. PNG: This is not a print format. It was developed specifically for web use, and does not support the CMYK color space. A PSD, TIFF or PDF should be used instead.
  3. PUB/CDR/QXD: We do not have the ability to work with these files.
  4. DOC/DOCX/PAGES, etc.: We cannot accept finished artwork in these formats.

Sending Us Your Art

Whether sending via email, or uploading to our FTP server, we recommend compressing the file (ZIP) to avoid file corruption during file transfer.

FTP: If your file is too large to email (typically over 10 MB), please visit the FTP area on our website to upload your files to our server. Email: If the file is small enough (usually under 10 MB), you can email it to us
Send to:


If you have any questions about ad specs, submitting artwork, or artwork you have already submitted, please contact:
David Herbst
(Office hours: 9:30am to 5:30pm EST Monday through Friday.)

For sales-related questions you can find the contact information appropriate to your market at the contact page here.

Ad Specs

SaveOn Magazine

Ad Code(s)Ad TypeFinished SizeSize w/ BleedsFull SpecsTemplates
111/3 Page Ad 7.875"w x 3.125"h N/A
15, 131/6 Page (a) 3.8125"w x 3.125"h N/A
18Cover Billboard 1.8"w x 1.3"h N/AContact SaveOnContact SaveOn
20Front Cover Ad (MN & DT SOFH only) 8.375"w x 8.125"h 8.625"w x 8.25"h
422-Page Spread w/ bleed (DT/CH only) 16.75"w x 10.5"h 17.0"w x 10.75"h
43, 5Full Page w/ bleed (DT/CH only) 8.375"w x 10.5"h 8.625"w x 10.75"h
45Front Cover Ad (DT/CH only) 8.375"w x 8.125"h 8.625"w x 8.375"h
50Half Page Vert. 3.8125"w x 9.875"h N/A
512PG Spread 16.25"w x 9.875"h N/A
52, 16Qtr. Page (b) 3.8125"w x 4.8125"h N/A
53Full Page 7.875"w x 9.875"h N/A
54, 4Half Page Horz. 7.875"w x 4.8125"h N/A
55Front Cover Ad (w/ footer) 8.375"w x 7.35"h 8.625"w x 7.35"h
56Back Cover Ad 8.875"w x 7.75"h 9.125"w x 7.875"h
59Back Cover (DT/CH only) 8.375"w x 8.5"h 8.625"w x 8.625"h
1512PG Spread (w/ lip)16.625"w x 10.5"h16.75"w x 10.75"h
153Full Page (w/ lip)8.835"w x 10.5"h8.5"w x 10.75" h

SAVE ON CARS & TRUCKS Broadsheet (SOCT - All markets)

Ad Code(s)Ad TypeFinished SizeSize w/ BleedsFull SpecsTemplates
92SCT 2 Page Spread21"w by 20.25"h21.25"w by 20.5"h
93SCT Full Page10.5"w x 20.25"h10.75"w x 20.5"h
94, 194SCT Half Page10"w x 9.625"hN/A
95SCT Cover Ad10.5"w x 17.7"h10.75"w x 17.95"h
96SCT Back Cover10.5"w x 20.25"h10.75"w x 20.5"h
97SCT Qtr. Page4.875"w x 9.625"hN/A

SaveOn Insert Media (Detroit & Chicago markets)

Ad Code(s)Ad TypeFinished SizeSize w/ BleedsFull SpecsTemplates
73SAVE DAL Cards(Front)
SAVE DAL Cards Back - ad space only)
9"w x 5"h
4.75"w x 5"h
9.25"w x 5.25"h
4.875"w x 5.25"h
180Half Size Insert Card (OS)9.375"w x 5.25"h9.625"w x 5.5"h
183Full Page Flyer (OS)9.25"w x 10.5"h9.5"w x 10.75"h
1844-Page Circular (OS)18.5"w x 10.5"h18.75"w x 10.75"h

SaveOn Insert Media (TC, GR & HL markets)

Ad Code(s)Ad TypeFinished SizeSize w/ BleedsFull SpecsTemplates
62 Value Flyer8.5"w x 11"hN/AContact SaveOnContact SaveOn
68Mega Flyer10.75"w x 12.25"h11"w x 12.5"hContact SaveOnContact SaveOn

For additional products not listed, please Contact SaveOn