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File Transfer

The following form has been created to help you when supplying art to SAVE. Fill out all the information and supply all the required elements (ex: graphics, original document and all fonts used*) in an archived format such as SIT or ZIP file. For links to compression tools for both Mac and PC platforms, visit our Online Tools page. We will also accept single graphic files in the following formats:

* For more information on our Ad Specifications and acceptable file formats, please visit our Ad Specs page.

Please archive your files before uploading them to the server. If you do not have a file compression application, click on one of the links below.

File Attachment

Stuffit Deluxe for Mac

The standard utility for Macintosh compression, Stuffit Deluxe allows you to compress Macintosh files into .sit or .zip archives for transfer across the Internet.

WinZip for Windows

WinZip is a shareware utility that will compress your Windows files for transfer across the Internet.

Include in sea/sit/zip file: