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Treetime Christmas Creations in Lake Barrington, IL

22N102 Pepper Road Lake Barrington, IL 60010Map(847) 527-8880
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Treetime Christmas Creations in Lake Barrington, IL

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The "Treetime" Difference...

Treetime's Collection of trees consists of only the most visually stunning and best artificial Christmas trees in the world all at Factory-Direct savings of 40-60%. Their Platinum pre-lit Christmas trees come with the renown commercial-grade Brilliant Lighting System. Everything from the tree stand, the tree's structure, and the lighting is of the highest quality and reliability to guarantee years of trouble-free use.

About Treetime Christmas Creations

TreeTime's' family of Christmas tree stores and online shop was founded on the simple premise of striving to design the best Artificial Christmas trees at a level of value and realism that is unmatched by other brands. As a company, we are a tight knit group of passionate individuals that simply loves Christmas, the business of putting a smile on someone's face, and enjoying what we create and represent every day.

We are not about just selling artificial Christmas trees, but selling the best Christmas trees available that will create memories and inspire tradition in your home. Too often in today's business marketplace (especially online) it is difficult to find a company that isn't in some way dishonest. Our aim has always been to provide a one-stop Christmas shopping experience that is not only trusted but admired by its customers. You can call us and speak to a human being without a dozen prompts, long hold times, or even send us an email without an automated response.

Quality products, excellent service, and great value is what we are all about. We are truly honored that you, like thousands of our other satisfied customers, are considering making us your choice for premium artificial Christmas trees.

Quality & Innovation

Some of us remember what it was like to grow up in times when things were simple. We didn't need smart phones, TV was a luxury, and spending time with family was everything. When we create better products through years of experience and care for quality it solidifies us as a company and our customers see it. We practice what we preach every day to make sure you know just how much better TreeTime is than the competition.

TreeTime artificial Christmas trees are designed by our seasoned designers that understand the importance of style, beauty, realism, reliability, and build quality. Our products are not just backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, but with years of warranty support knowing that every Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands you purchase is quality control tested to be the very best before you even open the box just as you'd expect.

Our commercial grade lighting is the highest quality available in the industry with in-house bench testing of every product for long-term durability. For example, our Brilliant lighting system mini lights burned for 6 months, 24 hours a day non-stop without a single bulb burnout. All of our Classic needle trees use fade resistant 2-ply PVC material that looks realistic, are crush-resistant, and lasts for years.

Family & Tradition

Christmas has many meanings for different people. It is a special time of year for hundreds of millions worldwide and finding the best Christmas tree at the right value is an important part of the season's celebration.

We love Christmas because it reminds us about the important things that are so often overlooked in our lives like family, health, and the little things we take for granted each day. We know that the products we design are displayed proudly at businesses and homes across the country. That fact truly makes a difference in how we appreciate TreeTime and what it represents. All of us globally, including our competitors, are an integral part of what makes America truly great, and Christmas is the time that brings out the best in all of us!

We always try to remember this in everything we do and every customer we interact with. We warmly welcome you to the TreeTime family of customers worldwide.

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