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Cornerstone Concrete in Stillwater, MN

3446 Oakgreen Avenue N Stillwater, MN 55085Map(612) 325-3742
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Cornerstone Concrete in Stillwater, MN

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We are the concrete driveway experts!

Cornerstone Concrete was established in 1989 with the intent of being the concrete driveway contractor that puts a smile on each and every customer’s face as we walk them through their concrete driveway projects. Our attention to detail and superior customer service make us stand out from the rest.

Your driveway takes a ton of punishment from vehicles, pedestrians, garbage cans, and nature itself. The sun beats on it all day, then it cools at night, only to be pounded by the rain the next day. Asphalt driveways have a limited lifespan and will deteriorate quickly. You need a driveway solution can can withstand heavy use and resist nature’s elements. The concrete driveway is the perfect solution that meets all your needs. Not only can it be beautiful and decorative, but it is also functional, durable, and adds value to your home. At Cornerstone Concrete, our expert concrete driveway contractor will tear out your old driveway and begin setting up the framework and infrastructure for your new concrete driveway. Once poured and cured, you can begin enjoying your new outdoor living space on your concrete driveway.

We are the premiere concrete driveway contractor of choice in and around Stillwater, MN. Your first initial contact will be with John the owner and he will continue to be at your side through every step of your project. There is no middle man with Cornerstone Concrete. Cornerstone prides itself in top notch work ethics, “the personal touch”, and most of all, making sure you as our customer are happy as we drive away. We are proud to serve the areas of Stillwater, MN, Hudson, WI, and other surrounding areas.

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