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815 MULCH IT in New Lenox, IL

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Premium Mulch Supplier

Owner Shawn Matthews was shocked with the quality of mulch products on the market. After researching, he discovered that many of the products being sold as mulch had been 2x4s and old pallets just days before. Pallets and basic framework boards, like 2x4s are made from cheap pine, and pine gives off a pheromone that attracts ants and other nesting bugs and should not be placed around your home. When selecting mulch, only aged hardwood should be used.

At 815MulchIt we have made educating customers our goal. We have found that aged hardwood mulch last longer, looks better and truly enhances the home. Our goal is to get that information to anyone who is shopping for mulch.

The coloring of mulch has grown in popularity over the past years. This year we have found a supplier who makes these mulches exclusively from hardwoods. All the dyes are produced from environmentally safe, all natural color enhancer's. These products are 100% safe for your children, pets, plants and even along streams.

The positives of these products is the longer lasting color. The mulch will still biodegrade at the same rate as our premium hardwoods, but hold the color for at least 2-3 months longer.

NOTE: We recommend placing a tarp on the driveway where you have your colored mulch dumped

The bottom line:

  • If you don't want mulch that will attract bugs and rot, avoid pine mulch and stick with aged hardwood.
  • 815-MulchIt delivers and installs high quality mulch throughout the greater Chicago-land area. We are proud to be serving from Naperville to New Lenox, Palos Heights to Plainfield and everywhere in between.

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