3115 Hadley Avenue N
Oakdale, MN 55129
(651) 779-4236
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Dart Escape

Dart Escape

Dart Escape

Dart Escape in Oakdale, MN

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The Dart Escape Experience.

Come. Play. Be the Last One Standing.

Dart Escape is a locally-owned indoor nerf arena (think laser tag - but with foam dart blasters). A place for fun for all ages (6+); come and play in a safe and controlled environment with several different types of matches, ranging from team elimination, capture the flag, infection, and battle royal. 

We have two arenas available for play.  A large arena will promote open play for dart blasters.  A second Virtual Reality (VR) arena, opening  in early 2019, will provide an option to play an assortment of video games in an immersive environment.  

Dart Escape  also offers a party room available for birthday and private event rentals.

Nerf Arena Play is Perfect for:

  • Kids, Teens, and Adults (6+)
  • Families
  • Birthday Parties
  • Team Building

Coming in January 2019!

Minnesota's newest indoor Nerf and Virtual Reality (VR) arenas!


Check in with Social Media at Dart Escape and get an extra 30 minutes of gameplay free!

Sun 11am-7pm · Wed 3pm-9pm · Thu 3pm-9pm · Fri 9am-10pm · Sat 10am-10pm

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