896 S. Rochester Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
(248) 326-4743
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PKSA Karate in Rochester Hills, MI

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Our Art of Tang Soo Do

Each PKSA location provides the best professional and experienced instruction in the art of Tang Soo Do. Everyone can benefit from this traditional martial art. It's truly an art for all people. Men, women, and children are encouraged to join us in this program of self-improvement.

Tang Soo Do, in scientific texts, is officially transcribed as "tangsudo", written as one word. Tang Soo Do is a method of empty hand and foot fighting based on the scientific use of the body in self defense. Training in Tang Soo Do stresses the development of individual character, integrity, and respect for others. PKSA Karate utilizes structured and systematic methods of training. Through our exciting program of physical and mental training men, women and children can quickly develop beyond their expectations.

What Sets PKSA Karate Apart?

  • Our instructors are highly qualified, trained, and certified through our senior Masters. Most schools don't have this luxury and you see a definitive difference in the instruction given.
  • We give our students a full array of martial arts. Tradition, non-traditional (flashy aerials, flying kicks, flash forms), weapons (multiple weapons certification), grappling, defense & tactics, kickboxing, pre-school programs, stranger awareness, family protection, and more.
  • We ensure that all of our material is effective. We have a board of professionals who meet and discuss the technical material and revise as needed depending on the types of attacks that have been happening.
  • We wouldn't have all these locations is we were not successful. Trust our schools, the way so many others do.
  • Referrals from literally thousands of people who claim that our organization has changed their lives.
  • Ability for you to learn how to teach and become a certified instructor. If you have the desire and passion we will teach you everything you will need to know to open your very own martial arts schools.
  • Ongoing activities that will keep the student excited. This includes tournaments, camps, seminars, parties and so much more.


Mon 6pm-8:30pm · Tue 6pm-7:30pm · Wed 6pm-8:30pm · Thu 6:30pm-8pm

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