16841 E. 14 Mile Road
Fraser, MI 48026
(586) 257-2122
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Smokey Joe's Tobacco in Fraser, MI

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About Us 

Smokey Joe's Tobacco Fraser, MI Proudly Located across the street from Fraser City Hall is your place for the finest cigarettes, cigars, beer, wine and shisha. The place has a warm, relaxing atmosphere attracting people from all over the city. Smokey Joes Tobacco provides quality products and good customer service. The customers are also given priority and this is why the place is full of groups of people who come to relax and enjoy in their free time. Our customers always have a fun-filled experience with us and are usually seen chatting around with their tobacco chew. Tobacco chew is for regular smokers who are used to high nicotine levels in their blood.

The Smoke Joes shop sells cigarettes, Tobacco, Vape Juice, Vape Salts, E-Juice, and Electronic Cigarettes. It is the best tobacco shop near me. Standard cigarettes are made up of four main components which include the cigarette paper, tipping paper, and filter.

The products used in the rod vary from company to company and depend on the preferences of the smoking audience. Some flavorings are also added to balance out the strong taste of tobacco. The flavorings vary from brand to brand. Each brand of cigarette has its own aroma and individual taste. The filter paper is made up of cellulose acetate fibers. Filter papers determine the smoke yield of the cigarette. Smokey Joes Tobacco provides its customers with cigarettes that use the best material in their rods and use the best filter paper. We provide filters that have capsules in them so that our customers get a differentiated taste. We also sell raw papers to our smokers. Other rolling papers We Carry Raw Papers, Zig Zag Papers, Element papers, Juicy J papers, Blunt wraps and Blunts. Zig Zag, Element Papers, and Juicy J papers are the most commonly sold rolling papers available in a tobacco shop near me.

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