7575 18-1/2 Mile Road
Sterling Hts., MI 48314
(586) 731-1616
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US Auto of Sterling Heights

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Self Serve Used Auto Parts The US Auto of Sterling Heights Way

The US Auto Parts of Sterling Heights facility has been completely reorganized and cleaned up to serve the public better. Our vehicles are organized by manufacturer and model to help you quickly find the parts you need. All vehicles are on stands allowing easy access to all areas of the car, pickup truck, minivan, full size van, and SUV. We are set up as a self serve or you pull it used auto parts yard. You will need your own tools to remove the used auto parts that you wish to purchase. We have a specialized software system that updates our inventory daily and this also allows our staff to quickly locate the correct vehicle for the customer. We have many wheelbarrows available and engine hoists to help remove and trasport your used auto parts.

We have (and buy) all makes & models of minivans, pickup trucks, full-size vans, SUV’s and passenger cars in our inventory. Our used auto parts service includes:

  • Self Service Used Auto Parts
  • U Pull It Used Auto Parts
  • We Buy Used Cars, Pickup Trucks, Minivans, Full Size Vans, and SUV's
  • Vehicles Organized by Manufacturer and Model
  • Specialized Inventory Software System
  • All Vehicles are on Stand for Your Convenience
  • You Must Bring Your Own Tools
  • Large Selection of Used Auto Parts
  • Foreign and Domestic Auto Parts
  • Cars, Pickup Trucks, SUV's, Minivans, Full Size Vans
  • Wheelbarrows are available

If you are looking for a large selection of used auto parts and have the tools to remove the parts you need we have a well run salvage yard with an efficient inventory system to quickly locate the parts you are looking for

Sun 10am-4pm · Mon 9am-6pm · Tue 9am-6pm · Wed 9am-6pm · Thu 9am-6pm · Fri 9am-6pm · Sat 8am-5pm

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