33104 Grand River Avenue
Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 477-2729
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All About Women's Health Boutique in Farmington, MI

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All About Women’s Health Boutique and their companion business Secret Rituals Day Spa offers a full array of special healthcare needs to women and spa services with a natural approach to women and men including individuals with special needs. Our mission is to meet the special healthcare needs of all women and make a positive impact in the way women look and feel about themselves.

The All About Women’s Health Boutique is located at 33104 Grand River Avenue, Farmington, MI. The All About Women’s Health Boutique offers a level of expert customer service that our customers have come to rely upon.

Our current line of products include:

  • Mastectomy Products for women who have undergone surgery mastectomy, lumpectomy, implant removal, breast augmentation or reduction.
  • Fashion Bras, Lingerie and Swimwear available in sizes 29AA to 60M. We also have bras, lingerie and swimwear designed for women following breast surgery.
  • Compression for women experiencing lymphedema, edema, varicose veins and other vascular and orthopedic conditions.
  • Wigs & Turbans for women experiencing hair loss or with difficult to manage hair.
  • Incontinence specializing in the education and management of stress incontinence, urinary incontinence and muscle strengthening.
  • Advanced Skincare for delicate personal and hygiene needs.
  • Fashion Hats designed for many occasions.


All About Women's Health Boutique is a Proud Member of the Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tue 10am-6pm · Wed 10am-6pm · Thu 10am-6pm · Fri 10am-6pm · Sat 10am-6pm

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