42757 Woodward
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
(248) 499-7435
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The Red Olive Story
It's One in a Million!

Many years ago, young Panos was sailing with his father down the coast of the Mediterranean where they noticed a hidden olive grove on the embankment. It was an old grove grown wild. In the middle of it, a beam of sunlight broke through and illuminated the most beautiful olive tree they had ever seen.

Upon this tree grew beautiful red olives unlike any they'd ever seen. The bright red olives were ripe and succulent. They tasted like a mixture of the best flavors blended from all the different olives they'd sampled before.

Panos had never seen red olives like that before or since. That tree was one in a million! But it inspired him to create his own restaurant years later where he would offer up the same blend of all the best tastes he'd discovered around the world, especially those of the Mediterranean and his homeland of Greece. He wanted his restaurants to be the one in a million place that stood out from all the other choices.

Thus, the Red Olive Restaurant was born!

Pete Goulas has done it again and you're gonna love it!

He's done it again! Pete Goulas' five new Red Olive Restaurants represent the ultimate QUALITY experience in metro-Detroit dining. Now you get to enjoy the benefit of Pete's 30+ years of expertise because he has raised his own Standards for Quality -- with YOU in mind! 

  • An expanded menu
  • Nutritional meals
  • More than 35 LARGE salads
  • A variety of wraps
  • Value for your dollar
  • Daily specials at all 3 mealtimes
  • A warm, friendly environment

Red Olive is not just another Greek restaurant. These are GREAT family-friendly eateries which also serve outstanding Greek and Mediterranean food.


Pete proudly says:

Our portions are so large that it's hard to find the plate under all the food.

If you're hosting a big family gathering at night or on the weekend, come visit us. We can handle large groups any day of the week.

Our children's specials are only $3-5 each. Check out our high-tech menu on our web site.


The Red Olive also prides itself with a healthy menu for everyone. Besides the famous large salads, Pete understands the importance of eating nutritious meals. After all, he introduced the GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD to his restaurants in the 1980's. Now, Pete's famous marinated chicken is part of Red Olive's kabob and gyro selections.

So come and enjoy the new Red Olive Restaurants. You won't be disappointed.

There's something for everyone!

Sun 8am-9pm · Mon 7am-9pm · Tue 7am-9pm · Wed 7am-9pm · Thu 7am-9pm · Fri 7am-10pm · Sat 7am-10pm

Red Olive Restaurant

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