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What makes advertising work?


Be there when your client is ready to buy. This is why large, well-known companies have sales every week. As a consumer, you don’t act until you are ready to buy. As a business, you advertise to create interest and be there when they are ready to buy.


The purpose of an offer/coupon is to entice a person to choose your company. Select an offer that is powerful enough to get a client to change their habits and choose you over your competitor. Then, they will add you to their list of places they frequent.


With repetition, you automatically get timing. Staying consistent with advertising for a minimum of 6 months ensures you will be there when the client is ready to buy.


When choosing how to advertise, make sure the product reaches the people you want to do business with. Ask questions and choose wisely. Monitor results with call tracking, digital analytics, and tracking coupons.

What Businesses are saying about SaveOn


Mavrix Restaurant and Bar

Mastercraft Heating & Cooling

A+ Phones

The Carpet Guys

Les Stanford Chevrolet

West Michigan

Flos Sports Bar

Peppermill Grill

Jack's Wholesale Windows


Porterhouse Steaks and Seafood

Matrix Construction

Remax (DAL)

Twin Cities

Archway Contracting

USA Inflatables

Mansetti's Pizzeria

When we started with SAVE we had 4 trucks. After 25 years of running each and every month we have grown to 60+ trucks to better service our customers. We count on SAVE to help keep our staff working and our company growing.
Fan & Clock
When SAVE’s ad drops the first week sales go through the roof! I have tried everything in 27 years. Save On has the highest rate of return by far.
Leo’s Coney Island
I am writing this letter to thank you and let you know how far you have separated your company from your competition. When I run a back cover with SAVE (1 zone – 25,000 homes) I will receive at least 80 coupons the first week it hits homes.
Mr. Rooter
I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much we greatly appreciate everything you and your magazine has done for us. It seemed to start a little slow at first but since we are committed to a long term campaign we are seeing outstanding results.
Mi Zarape
We had over 30 coupons redeemed in the first day alone, with many more to follow in weeks after. Without a doubt this is the best response out of any publication I have ever advertised in including Clipper, Money Mailers, etc.
Centurion Services
You listened carefully and fulfilled the objective of getting me the calls I needed at an acceptable price per lead. This culture that exists at SaveOn generates confidence in all of your clients. Read the full letter