12 Award-Winning Ideas for Your Oscars Viewing Party

The 86th Academy Awards show airs Sunday, March 2, but you don’t need a Hollywood budget to celebrate your favorite movies with family and friends! Here are 12 award-winning ideas for hosting your own Oscar-worthy viewing party.

oscars viewing party ideas

  1. Themed invitations, like these VIP Admission Tickets, can be downloaded online for free.
  2. Who will win Best Picture? Best Actress? Beset Director? Ask guests to vote on these Free Printable Academy Awards Ballots, then tally up the scores to find out who predicted the most winners.
  3. Create your own decorative Oscars Marquee with just a few items from the craft store.
  4. Your guests may not be walking the red carpet, but you can make your own E! Style Mani Cam.
  5. Avoid having to wash and re-wash glasses all night by handing out Sparkly Drink Tags to each of your guests.
  6. Serving movie snacks like popcorn is a given, but do so creatively in a DIY Ticket Roll Bowl.
  7. Swanky Franks in tuxedo napkins and bowties are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
  8. Delicious Awards Night Sugar Cookies will add pizzazz to the dessert options.
  9. Homemade Tortilla Chips & Dip may be the stars of the evening, and the snack table.
  10. Use bow ties and buttons to dress up Luxe Tux Champagne Glasses.
  11. Walk of Fame Brownies will get a standing ovation from the crowd.
  12. A blockbuster way to end the evening, these sweet Tuxedo Cake Pops.

For even more cute and crafty party ideas, visit us on Pinterest!

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Will you be watching the Academy Awards with friends and family? Share your frugal party tips in the comments below!


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